Sunday, May 25, 2008

Laughin's Dick Martin Dies

Well he could have been dead for the last 20 years for all I knew but apparently not. He just died recently. Back in 1967 as a teenager Laughin was kind of like reality shows of today; bleeding edge. Looking at it now is it appears almost redicules. So will reality TV in a few decades.

See more of the Laughin story here.

Wrinke and Chloe Kissing

Wrinke has a new girl friend Chloe. Their first date was heavily chapperoned by the screen door.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wrinkle and his Mommy

His head really is in porportion. This shot at a McDonalds in Hillsboro, Or. was taken head-on at IOS800 (the dog is continually moving so fast is best). I don't remember exactly but Linda was probably trying to capture him after doing his business.

Unique Urinals

Posted by Picasa Hop Works is a pretty new brew pub in PDX. Beer is so-so but the mens facility has head rests over the urinals. If you need those then your done drinking.

Wrinke, Mandee & Sara Outside Produce Row, PDX

Mandee was in Portland one afternoon on a U of O gig. She and Sara joined Linda and myself for some food and beers at Produce Row on the east bank of the Willamette River. Its an old place and supposedly the original McMinimums pub. Wrinkle (the pup) goes crazy when his "sisters" visit him.